Fox 32 anchor’s lament: Isn’t it a shame?

Kristen Nicole

One of the most beautiful women on Chicago television is claiming to be the victim of “body shaming” after three viewers questioned what she’s been wearing on the air during her pregnancy.

Fox-owned WFLD-Channel 32 encourages its on-air staffers to engage viewers on social media. So when three of those viewers (identified as “Karen, Gene and Sabrina”) sent snarky emails Wednesday to Kristen Nicole about how tight her dresses are, the “Good Day Chicago” news anchor seized the moment.

Kristen Nicole

“If you're writing to tell me that you're offended by the sight of my baby bump, don't hold your breath waiting for a response. It's not coming,” Nicole wrote on her Facebook page. “I wear this dress probably once a month. No one has EVER had a problem with it. Wear it almost 8 months pregnant?? Whoa . . . disgusting, right? (insert massive eye roll).”

The post featured pictures of Nicole wearing the same dress three times this year, including once this week.

Nicole’s reply prompted hundreds of supportive comments and more than 1,800 “likes” on Facebook. It also led to a story on Yahoo! Style, headlined: “Pregnant newscaster responds to viewers offended by her tight dress: 'Use your time better.’ ”

Fox 32 seemed eager to draw even more attention to the matter, posting on Facebook: “Body shaming continues to be rampant on social media and it doesn't matter who you are or what you look like, you too can become a target. Fox 32's Kristen Nicole, a mom of one and expecting another, was recently on the receiving end of nasty comments. The focus, over her pregnancy.”

On Thursday morning, Nicole was interviewed on set by “Good Day Chicago” colleagues Corey McPherrin and Anita Padilla about how her “body shaming experience” had become a big issue. (Watch the video here.)

“I just hope that maybe some other woman who’s going through this as well sees there are people that are supporting you, and this is not the 1960s where you needed to hide or be ashamed of your pregnancy,” Nicole said. “I appreciate so many people laughing with me, and their continued support and encouragement."