So you think you know Chicago radio?

Bob Sirott and Larry Lujack

So you think you know Chicago radio? Match these phrases with the Chicago radio personalities who made them famous. (Answers appear at the bottom):

1) Animal Stories
2) The Bad Boyz
3) Boogie Check
4) B.S. Love Counselor
5) The Cool Gent
6) The First Lady of Chicago Radio
7) The Fly Jock
8) The Girlfriends
9) He's everywhere! He's everywhere!
10) Mama, get the coffee ready, the kid is on his way
11) Mother Weber's Oldest Son
12) Now you know the rest of the story
13) Oh, the humanity!
14) People helping people
15) Turn into peanut butter!
16) The Wild Itralian
17) Scumbag worm meat idiots
18) Wella, wella!
19) Who ya' crappin'?
20) Your best friend in the whole world

a) Dave Baum
b) Dan Bernstein & Terry Boers
c) Dick Biondi
d) Lin Brehmer
e) Ron Britain
f) Steve Dahl & Garry Meier
g) Yvonne Daniels
h) Paul Harvey
i) Tom Joyner
j) Herb Kent
k) John Records Landecker
l) Mike Love & Victor Blackful
m) Larry Lujack & Tommy Edwards
n) Kathy O'Malley & Judy Markey
o) Herb Morrison
p) Dick Orkin
q) Wally Phillips
r) Barney Pip
s) Bob Sirott
t) Clark Weber

The answers: (1) m; (2) l; (3) k; (4) s; (5) j; (6) g; (7) i; (8) n; (9) p; (10) a; (11) t; (12) h; (13) o; (14) q; (15) r; (16) c; (17) f; (18) e; (19) b; (20) d

Tuesday's comment of the day: Frank Baker: This is somewhat trivial, but I'm hoping that with Batman taking the 9 p.m. slot on Saturdays, that MeTV will continue to run Batman at 9:30 p.m. allowing for a natural progression of the cliff-hanger style of episodes that the Batman show used when it was on network TV to entice viewers to tune in next week — "same bat-time, same bat-channel." It would be nice if MeTV would run the back-to-back episodes each week to close each episode out.