Score taps Kreutz, Williams for Bears postgame show

Olin Kreutz

Olin Kreutz

Former Chicago Bears Olin Kreutz and James “Big Cat” Williams will co-host a new Bears postgame show this season on WSCR AM 670, the CBS Radio sports/talk station announced Wednesday.

Starting September 13, they’ll be joined at locations around the city and suburbs for two hours after each game by Hub Arkush, the Score’s resident football expert.

The new show replaces the phenomenally popular one hosted for many years by Ed O’Bradovich and the late Doug Buffone. After Buffone died in April, O’Bradovich joined Tribune Media news/talk WGN AM 720, where he will host a Bears postgame show with Dan Hampton and Glen Kozlowski.

“We knew Doug and Ed were not something we could replicate — they were so original,” said Mitch Rosen, program director of the Score. “So it was a challenge to find the right combination of people to talk to fans after games. [In Kreutz and Williams], we found two hosts with great opinions and great thoughts about the team that I think our audience will enjoy hearing.”

He described Arkush's role on the show as that of a quarterback. "He'll throw the ball to these guys and they'll run with it."

Calling it "a new chapter in Bears history on the Score,” Rosen acknowledged the new show won't sound much like its predecessor. “I’m not sure you’re going to hear as much yelling and screaming, but you will hear more opinions, more knowledge and different content than you’ve heard before,” he said.

Bears radio broadcasts continue to air on CBS Radio WBBM AM 780 and WCFS FM 105.9.