Ramonski Luv out at V103

Ramonski Luv

Ramonski Luv

Ramonski Luv, one-half of Chicago’s most popular nighttime radio team, is suddenly out at Clear Channel’s top-rated urban adult-contemporary WVAZ FM 102.7.

Word of Luv’s departure comes one day after ratings for “The Real Show” he hosted with Joe Soto had returned to No. 1 in the market. In the Nielsen Audio report released Tuesday, evenings on V103 had a 5.9 percent share and a cumulative weekly audience of 475,900.

Luv could not be reached for comment Wednesday. His last broadcast on V103 was Friday, and his last public appearance was at the Chosen Few Old School Reunion Picnic, a house music festival Saturday in Jackson Park.

Derrick Brown, director of urban programming for Clear Channel Chicago, referred an inquiry to a Clear Channel spokeswoman, who said: “It’s our policy not to discuss employee matters for privacy reasons. Joe Soto will continue to host evenings on V103.”

Luv, 51, whose real name is Ramon Wade, is a 30-year veteran of urban radio in Chicago. He began his career as morning show producer for Doug Banks, who first dubbed him Ramonski Luv. He recently marked the 10th anniversary of his partnership with Soto.

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