Carjacking leaves radio host Maze Jackson 'in complete state of shock'

Maze Jackson (Photo: ABC Television Stations)

Days after his national star-turn on the Hulu documentary series “Being Blago,” Chicago radio personality and podcaster Maze Jackson became the victim of a carjacking on the city’s Near South Side Tuesday.

Jackson was at 24th and South State Streets before noon when he said he was struck from behind by a truck and attacked by an assailant who stole his Porsche Panamera. He told me he filed a police report on the incident.

“I’m good physically, but mentally...WHOA! I definitely got caught slipping,” he wrote on Facebook.

The suspect was the same man arrested by Aurora police as he tried to commit another carjacking in the west suburb later that afternoon. Jackson's car was recovered at that time.

Jackson, a longtime political consultant, strategist and former lobbyist, currently hosts mornings on Great Lakes Radio WBGX 1570-AM. He previously hosted mornings on Midway Broadcasting WVON 1690-AM.

Over the weekend Jackson was featured prominently as a political analyst and commentator in "Being Blago," the critically acclaimed four-part docuseries on the rise and fall of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich. It was produced for Hulu by ABC Television Stations and WLS-Channel 7.

Here is the text of Jackson’s Facebook post:

Hey People...I'm good physically, but mentally...WHOA! I definitely got caught slipping. First, I got hit from behind buy a work truck which definitely disarmed me. Second, it was a White man, so I underestimated him...truly shame on me! I let the imagery and media shape my image of what a "carjacker" looks like. Be clear...he was a WHITE MAN, not a Black teenager.

Let me also say that we fought, and while I realize vehicles are material things, in the moment I just couldn't believe he had the AUDACITY to try and TAKE MY SHYT...that I worked for! I completely forgot about the possibility of further escalation.

I was in a complete state of shock, with no phone, no car, no bag, no jacket...standing in the middle of 24th and State. Two guys who had been watching the whole thing came over, apologizing offering to help, but honestly I was a bit spooked because it would have been the perfect time to rob I was like "FUG AWAY FROM ME!"

They explained they thought I was carjacking the White dude, and thought he had gotten away, until they realized I was the one who had been jacked. I guess they watch the same media as me! That stated...lesson learned!

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