WGN Radio firings top most-read posts in September

Roe Conn

The latest programming shakeup at WGN 720-AM, including the dismissal of prominent on-air personalities Roe Conn and Nick Digilio from the Nexstar Media Group news/talk station, led the top 10 most-read stories here in September.

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  1. Roe Conn, Nick Digilio out in WGN Radio shakeup
  2. The Score fires Dan McNeil for ‘degrading’ tweet about ESPN reporter
  3. Suddenly silenced by Big 95.5, Lisa Dent thankful to her ‘diehard fans’
  4. iHeartMedia blows up WEBG’s country format for new ‘Rock 95 Five’
  5. ‘Beacon of journalism’ Carol Marin says she’s bowing out of TV news
  6. Robservations: Bertrand, Landecker round out new WGN Radio lineup
  7. Robservations: The Score’s Dan McNeil under fire for sexist tweet
  8. Robservations: Will Leila Rahimi become the new face of The Score?
  9. Orion Samuelson to retire after 60 years at WGN Radio
  10. Robservations: ‘News Nation’ edict costs Nexstar stations access to CNN video