CBS 2’s Mai Martinez on medical leave

Mai Martinez

Mai Martinez, a reporter and weekend news anchor at CBS-owned WBBM-Channel 2, announced Wednesday that she's on medical leave for an undisclosed ailment.

"Thank you Chicago for embracing this Southern transplant 13yrs ago," Martinez tweeted. "I’m so grateful for my time at @cbschicago & all of you. Some of you are asking why I’m not on TV or social media. Please do not worry. I am STILL w/CBS 2, but currently on medical leave & hope to return soon."

She wrote in a Facebook post that she was "working with a great team of doctors at Rush and beyond," adding: "I hope to be feeling better and back on air very soon." She declined to comment further.

Martinez, 45, a California native whose mother was born in Vietnam and whose father was born in Cuba, graduated from Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, Alabama. She joined CBS 2 in 2006 from WBRC, the Fox affiliate in Birmingham, Alabama.

Since 2007 she has co-anchored weekend evening newscasts alongside Jim Williams.

Here is the text of Martinez's Facebook post:

Hi Facebook family.  A couple of personal notes to share. First, I want to say thank you for all the love you’ve shown me over the years.❤️

Today marks my 13th year at CBS Chicago. This was my first Ch. 2 station ID.😊 In 2006, I never could’ve imagine what Chicago would come to mean to me, or how much I would learn and grow from living and working in this incredible, vibrant city and meeting so many of its amazing people — both home grown and transplants, or how wonderfully all of you would welcome, accept, embrace and help me be the best person and journalist I can be. I really can’t thank you enough.❤️

I think of many of you as not just viewers, but extended friends and family even though most of us have never met, and since given all the changes at CBS 2, several of you have already begun to ask where I am, and why I’m not on tv or social media, I want to put your minds at ease.

I am STILL with CBS 2, but I’m currently on medical leave. I am working with a great team of doctors at Rush and beyond, and I hope to be feeling better and back on air very soon.🙏🏼🙏🏼

Until then, I will check in on social media when I can, but please don’t worry about me. If you know me, you know one of my favorite sayings is “everything happens for a reason.” That goes for this difficult time too. It’s important to always listen to your mind and body and do what’s best. xoxo

Mai Martinez