Suppelsa surprise tops most-read posts in August

Mark Suppelsa

Mark Suppelsa’s stunning decision to step down as anchorman at “Chicago’s Very Own” WGN-Channel 9 and retire from television news before the end of the year led the top 10 most-read stories here in August.

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  1. WGN anchor Mark Suppelsa to retire
  2. Kathy Hart tells fans: ‘I fully intend to be back on the air’
  3. Fox 32 losing anchor Jeff Herndon
  4. Robservations: Steve Harvey dredges up that infamous email
  5. Rise and shine: Chicago radio’s top of the morning
  6. Robservations: Missing from radiothon, Kathy Hart changes agents again
  7. Kathy O’Malley’s ‘Girlfriends’ verse strikes a chord
  8. Robservations: Mike North announces retirement from sports radio
  9. Robservations: Hosea Sanders ‘excited to return’ to ABC 7
  10. Fox 32 anchor’s lament: Isn’t it a shame?