Tribune opens ‘metered’ paywall — including

Robert Feder

Robert Feder

Now hear this: For readers of my blog, there’s been a change for the better.

Chicago Tribune announced Thursday it was introducing a new “metered” approach that will give nonsubscribers access to up to 10 articles each month on before being asked to subscribe. That includes and other premium stories previously designated as “digitalPlus” content.

“Now, nonsubscribers can sample any story, up to that monthly limit, before deciding to subscribe,” an editor’s note explained. “If you are a digital subscriber already, we thank you. As always, you have unlimited digital access to every story, photo, graphic and video on the site, as you do now. If you don’t yet subscribe, we hope you will like what you see and join us by becoming a regular digital subscriber.”

Subscribers will continue to receive unlimited access to stories and photos anytime, anywhere, on any device, full access to Chicago Tribune’s news app, and daily access to the digital edition, a digital replica of the Chicago Tribune printed paper.

The move from a strict paywall to a metered paywall follows the trend of The New York Times and other publications, reflecting the changing nature of media consumption and the challenge of securing revenue for online content.

Under a licensing agreement with Chicago Tribune Media Group, I continue to be solely and independently responsible for all editorial content posted here, while Tribune manages marketing, advertising and technical elements. Since October 2014, it was part of the Tribune’s premium “digitalPlus” tier.