Nick Digilio: ‘I’m gonna be fine’

Nick Digilio

Nick Digilio

Nick Digilio, who’s been off the air for weeks while battling an undisclosed ailment, said he hopes to return to his WGN AM 720 overnight show July 20.

Until then, he’s sharing little about the illness that caused him to lose 35 pounds and kept him off the Tribune Media news/talk station for much of June and all of July so far. Since his release from the hospital last week, he said, he has been staying with his parents.

“I’m alright. I’m OK. I’m coming along,” he told WGN morning host Steve Cochran by phone in a brief interview Tuesday. “I get better every day. It’s a very slow recovery.”

Digilio, who turned 50 last Monday, earlier referred to his ailment as “a stomach issue.” This week he said he would wait until he’s back on his own show to “tell everybody exactly what happened.”

Messages from fans have been pouring in to Digilio’s Facebook page and other sites.

“I so miss being on ’GN,” he told Cochran. “It’s my lifeblood. It’s my favorite thing in the world to do, to be on the radio. And I really miss it. I thank everybody who have been sending get-well wishes and really good thoughts and all that cool stuff.

“I’m gonna be fine. It’s been a rough patch, and again I’ll explain in detail as to what happened and all that stuff. But I’m gonna do it when I get on the air on the morning of the 20th. But I’m gonna be fine. Everything is gonna be good. I might be a little slow for a little while, but I’ll be back up to speed soon.”