F-bomb explodes on Fox 32 news

Bill Bellis at Draft Town

Bill Bellis at Draft Town

The May sweeps opened with a bang on WFLD-Channel 32 Thursday when an intruder dropped an F-bomb live on the air.

During a remote from Draft Town at Grant Park, meteorologist Bill Bellis was delivering a seven-day forecast at the end of Fox 32’s 9 p.m. newscast when an unidentified man rushed up behind him and said: “F— her in the p—.”

“This happened despite Bill moving to the back of the park and away from the tents were [sic] the crowds were gathered,” producer Beth Boylan Kane noted in her discrepancy report to management.

The station could be subject to a fine or other sanction from the FCC for airing what is considered a fleeting expletive. Dennis Welsh, vice president and general manager of Fox 32, did not respond to a request for comment.

It’s the third time in three weeks the station has been bedeviled by an embarrassing snafu. During last Sunday’s broadcast of “The Final Word,” a director could be heard cussing off camera. And minutes before air time April 11, WFLD-Channel 32 canceled its late newscast because of a glitch in an automated operating system.

Fox footnote: Last December Bellis was caught on camera flipping the bird just before the start of the 9 p.m. newscast. He later apologized to viewers. Here's the video: