Ben Finfer to fill in on ESPN 1000

Ben Finfer

Ben Finfer

The last time I heard from Ben Finfer, he was ripping me on the air as “a joke,” “a hack” and a number of other things that I don’t think were meant as compliments.

It was the afternoon of November 20, and I had just reported that his bosses were pulling the plug on The Game 87.7 FM and that he and most of his co-workers would soon be out of work.

Unfortunately, no one had told Finfer the news before he read it on my Twitter feed during his show. (Co-host Alex Quigley knew the night before but hadn’t mentioned it to his partner.) Appearing blindsided and bewildered, an angry Finfer lashed out at his Tribune Media bosses in a 10-minute tirade that became a worldwide sensation.

To some it served as a cautionary tale of how even the best intentions of management can be hijacked in the age of social media. To others it demonstrated conclusively why radio personalities should never be allowed on the air after they learn they’ve been fired.

Finfer eventually made peace with his former bosses, telling columnist Ed Sherman he holds no grudge against them. (I haven’t heard a word from the guy since I wrote the story.)

Now Finfer is about to become radio active again.

ESPN Radio sports/talk WMVP AM 1000 has invited Finfer to fill in for vacationing midday co-host John Jurkovic alongside Carmen DeFalco from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. this Monday and Tuesday (and possibly Thursday or Friday).

It marks a return to the station where the Buffalo Grove native began his career in 2002. He later worked as a producer and weekend host at CBS Radio sports/talk WSCR AM 670.

Nothing is set beyond next week, but ESPN 1000 program director Adam Delevitt hinted of a possible role for Finfer “in the near future.”