Funny thing about those Sun-Times comics

Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Sun-Times

No one’s laughing about the comics at the Sun-Times today.

Monday marked the third time in nine months that the paper published the wrong comics pages. In this case, it reran the three pages from the previous Monday.

Tuesday’s edition carries the following editor’s note: “Correction: Because of a production error, Monday’s Sun-Times did not include the correct comic strips and puzzles for Feb. 2. Those comics and puzzles are in today’s paper on Pages 24-26. The comics for Tuesday on are Pages 28-30.”

Similar snafus occurred last year on November 3 and May 5. Both also were attributed to production errors and both elicited apologies “to our readers who were inconvenienced.''

Sun-Times editors are meeting Tuesday to figure out a fool-proof system to prevent a fourth occurrence.