WGN's Cochran answers Dahl: ‘Why so bitter, Steve?’

Steve Cochran

Steve Cochran

After posting Steve Dahl’s rant about WGN AM 720 Sunday, I received the following response from Steve Cochran, morning personality on the Tribune Media news/talk station:

Dear Steve,

Never heard your podcast but I read Feder every day.

We both know your goal here is to use us to get someone to subscribe to your "show.”  Can't help you there.

But I'm sure when you read this you will at least have some new material.

Why so bitter, Steve?  You had a nice run.  Enjoy your golden years.

Maybe break out some old tapes and listen when Bill and Wendy were on your show.  You were occasionally funny then.  Or listen to how you sounded when you worked for deCastro because you certainly must know he didn't need you . . . you needed him.

So Jimmy didn't hire you.  It's not the end of the world.  Maybe someone will.  Or has everyone said no already?

Come to think of it, WGN would never have worked for you even if you had a show.  Everyone is happy to be working for Jimmy.  You could never work in an environment like that.

So we'll keep winning and you keep whining.  But definitely keep analyzing photos like you did about the Pat Hughes picture.  Radio Photo Analysis . . . good bit.

Oh and thanks for listening.

Steve Cochran, Mornings
 720 WGN