Hemmert returns to ’XRT Monday

Terri Hemmert

Terri Hemmert

Six weeks after she was sidelined for knee replacement surgery, Terri Hemmert is ready to return as midday personality on WXRT FM 93.1.

Monday will be the first day back live on the CBS Radio album adult alternative station for the Radio Hall of Famer and Chicago broadcast legend, whose convalescence drew thousands of well-wishes from fans and friends.

“After six weeks of rest, meds, visitors and lots of physical therapy I'm excited to get back to work at XRT Monday morning,” Hemmert said in an email Friday. “Stopped by to see my co-workers/friends. That was fantastic. My parents didn't raise a slacker so I'm ready to work! This is the job I dreamed of since I was 15. Time to get back!”

Hemmert, 66, underwent surgery June 19 to replace her right knee, which had been a source of pain since she suffered rheumatic fever at age 13. She spent three weeks in the hospital and continues to undergo extensive physical therapy.

“Doing great with PT,” she wrote on Facebook. “Knee healing. Downer part is those dang pain killers. Finally got them to cut the doses so I'm slowly regaining what was left of my brain. Fatigue and sleeplessness the big issues, but once I'm free of the drugs, I'm sure I will be a lot better. I am truly touched by your kind words and wishes. Looking forward to getting back to work. Thanks for the amazing support of my friends who have been bringing me meals and company. And don't worry about my little buddy. I think the get well soon balloons scared her a bit. She got over it. And I will get over all this . . . soon!”

A 41-year veteran of WXRT, Hemmert rocks on from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday through Friday. She also hosts “Breakfast with the Beatles” from 8 to 10 a.m. Sundays.