Ramonski: ‘Everyone will go through something’

Ramonski Luv

Ramonski Luv

Nearly two weeks after his dismissal as evening personality at WVAZ FM 102.7, Ramonski Luv is thanking fans, friends and former co-workers for their support.

“Everyone will go through something; mine is just magnified,” he wrote on Facebook in his first public comment since he left the top-rated Clear Channel urban adult-contemporary station.

Details of Luv’s abrupt departure remain confidential. Clear Channel has not elaborated on its July 9 statement: “It’s our policy not to discuss employee matters for privacy reasons. Joe Soto will continue to host evenings on V103.” Soto, who’d been been teamed with Luv for the past decade, has declined to comment.

Luv, whose real name is Ramon Wade, is a 30-year veteran of urban radio in Chicago. He began as morning show producer for Doug Banks, who dubbed him Ramonski Luv.

Here is the text of his post:

First off let me thank everyone for their kind words and prayers for me and my family. Like my teacher and spiritual leader prophet Joseph Bailey would say, everyone will go through something; mine is just magnified. . . . Thank U to the management of Clear Channel for giving me the opportunity. . . . Thank U to my co workers and my partner. Continue to stay strong and let I Am God be who He said He is. . . . Gone!!!!”