Biondo report called ‘wildly inaccurate’

Trish Biondo

Trish Biondo

Trish Biondo and her agent are disputing as “wildly inaccurate” an online report about her imminent return to Chicago radio.

Biondo, who left CBS Radio country WUSN FM 99.5 after 27 years last December, was the subject of a Chicagoland media blogger’s post late Friday speculating that she was “on her way back to the Chicago airwaves in the very near future.” The report was picked up by the trade website Radio Ink.

Attributed to unnamed “inside sources,” the blog report said Biondo’s agent, Chicago attorney Todd Musburger, “has been in negotiations with Clear Channel Media + Entertainment Chicago to bring Biondo to WLIT-FM/93.9 MYfm.” It added that “some think it could be as morning show co-host.”

Musburger said Sunday that neither he nor Biondo was in talks with Clear Channel or anyone else about her employment. “She is extremely busy and enjoying her time at home and is very involved in her community,” Musburger told me. “She misses her colleagues, listeners and many friends in the industry, but the blog report is wildly inaccurate and she does not know where or how it started.”

Musburger also disputed a claim in the blog report that Biondo had not been offered a new contract as midday personality at US 99.5.

“Trish was offered a new agreement,” he said. “They even amended it to try to get her to say yes and remain at US 99. It would not work for her because of her responsibilities as a wife and mother.  We wanted her to be able to broadcast from home and they did not agree to that, but they were very clear about wanting her to stay.”