Reader’s Michael Miner gets new liver

Michael Miner (Photo: Andrea Bauer)

Michael Miner (Photo: Andrea Bauer)

Michael Miner, the longtime media critic and senior editor of the Chicago Reader, is home recovering after receiving a liver transplant last month.

Miner, 70, disclosed in December that he has had primary sclerosing cholangitis, an inflammation of the bile ducts, since 2001. His condition recently worsened, requiring a new liver.

On Friday, Miner’s family posted the following message:

“Michael left the Residence Inn today and is currently spending his first evening at home in over two weeks. He'll be checking in with his doctors regularly and will continue taking the several medications he's been prescribed. All of the tubes have been removed and all that is left are the stitches. Those are scheduled to come out on the 14th.

“We are all amazed by how quickly the events of these past two weeks happened and how positive the outcome has been thus far. Not long ago he was in the hospital with a failing liver and tonight he's home looking better than he has in over a year.

“Your comments and support have been invaluable. Michael is extremely grateful and so are we.

“Thank you!”

Miner, whose work appeared in the first issue of the Reader in 1971, has been a full-time writer and editor for the alternative weekly since 1979. He previously was a reporter for the Sun-Times.

His last column was posted online March 22. “He'll be back to writing for us as soon as he feels ready,” said Mara Shalhoup, editor of the Reader. “Everyone at the Reader is beyond relieved that the prognosis is so good.”