Trapped in elevator, WGN host goes on

Steve Dale

Steve Dale

Did you hear the one about the radio host who got stuck in an elevator?

That's what happened to Steve Dale on his way to hosting his Sunday morning "Pet World" show on Tribune Broadcasting news/talk WGN AM 720.

With the help of "Sunday Spin" host Rick Pearson and engineer Bob Ferguson, Dale wound up hosting his full 30-minute show via cell phone while trapped inside his Wrigleyville apartment building elevator. "This is as live and local as it gets," he said. 

When it was over, Dale explained how he remained so unflappable throughout the ordeal: "It is a very old elevator and once or twice a year, someone gets neighbor is pretty adept at getting folks out, I've gotten people out, another neighbor rescued my wife this year....but overall the elevator runs OK, thanks to our company that knows how to maintain it," he wrote on Facebook.

"I believe I made Chicago radio broadcast history," he added.