Sun-Times unveils new design in print, online

It's a new day for the Chicago Sun-Times: On Wednesday, the paper unveiled a change in its nameplate to "Chicago," a redesign of the opening pages of the print newspaper, and a refreshed website. A full-blown redesign is expected to follow.

"We are rolling out a new contemporary design in print that we believe will help you navigate the paper better while better connecting related information and content on our website," editor-in-chief Jim Kirk wrote in a note to readers. "In fact, that enhanced integration with our digital content is now reflected on our front page."

Under the ownership of Wrapports LLC since late 2011, the Sun-Times has been struggling to achieve profitability by means of severe cutbacks and conversion to a fully digital news operation.

In advance of the changes Tuesday night, Kirk sent the following memo to the staff:

Folks, I'd like to convey some important changes we are making to the Chicago Sun-Times.
Wednesday marks the beginning of an evolution in the way we deliver news and information both in the newspaper and online. Starting with the front part of the paper, we are rolling out a new contemporary design that we believe will help readers better navigate the paper while connecting related information and content on our website in a whole new way. In fact, that enhanced integration with our digital content will now be reflected in our name on the cover.
Increasingly, we know our readers are accessing us via our digital portals, and we want to make sure that the experience in print, on the Web, and mobile complement each other more than ever before. Starting Wednesday, Page 2 of the newspaper will be a handy guide to get you to the most important stories and information of the day, both in print and in our digital formats.
Over the next several weeks you will notice newly designed columnist pages to help make our columnists’ voices stand out even more on any given day.
We will include more graphics to enhance our storytelling and put our stories in better context for readers. And over the next few weeks, we will simplify the flow of the newspaper so that finding the sections, stories and columnists will be easier.
Online, readers will find a much better news site, with easier navigation to get to news stories and other features faster. We are delivering more content across multiple platforms so that readers can stay connected with the day’s top news any way they prefer.
What doesn’t change is our commitment to deliver the city’s most important news first and fast. From our columnists to our award-winning investigative team to our best-read sports writers and our arts and culture voices, we continue to strive to be the paper of choice for Chicagoans.
Throughout its history, this newspaper has been known for its innovation. We don’t sit still because we know readers and advertisers need us to change with the times. This is why we are linking more closely with our digital formats.
We are excited about the changes we are making and we thank everyone for their continued hard work in making the Sun-Times the best newspaper in Chicago.

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